Our Firm

FBAC LLC was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana.

We have offices in Birmingham, Alabama and Sandestin, Florida. Currently, we have over 275 actuary clients throughout Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

FBAC LLC was started by a Certified Public Accountant, Actuary and an Insurance expert to simplify the complicated process of complying with required financial disclosures for employers with audited financial statements.

We offer Actuarial Valuations and Financial Disclosures to employers with retiree healthcare, pensions and large self-insured plans.

Governmental Accounting Standards Board “GASB”

  • GASB 45 Consulting and Actuary Valuations
  • GASB 10 Consulting and Actuary Valuations
  • GASB 68 Consulting and Actuary Valuations

G. Scott Fontenot, Founder

Metairie, Louisiana-based insurance and actuarial professional Scott Fontenot serves as the Managing Director of Fontenot Benefits & Actuarial Consulting, LLC, a governmental healthcare consultancy adept at helping public and private entities in managing their employee healthcare, benefits, and retirement plans. In his executive role, Scott Fontenot oversees three offices and serves some 275 clients located throughout Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

Prior to founding Fontenot Benefits & Actuarial Consulting in 2001, Scott Fontenot spent more than a decade working for public and private firms, handling employee benefits and healthcare underwriting, while developing an expertise in governmental healthcare consulting. The recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Louisiana State University, he held Account Executive positions with MetLife, Inc., and Aetna Inc. before accepting a post as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for United Healthcare of Louisiana. From 1998 to 2001, he served as the Vice President of Employee Benefits for the Willis Group before founding his own firm.

At Fontenot Benefits & Actuarial Consulting, Scott Fontenot oversees a team of consultants with backgrounds in insurance underwriting, financial auditing and accounting services, and actuarial studies for such clients as healthcare providers, local city, governments and school systems. The consultancy’s areas of expertise include Medicare Plan 65 and Part D, other post-employment benefits (OPEB) liability, Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 45, self-funded underwriting, and incurred but not reported (IBNR). In recent months, Scott Fontenot and his staff at Fontenot Benefits & Actuarial Consulting have experienced significant growth. The company opened its third office in Sandestin, Florida, to serve governmental clients and focus on retiree healthcare and GASB 45 compliance in northwest Florida.

G. Scott Fontenot Companies

FBAC LLC - Fontenot Benefits & Actuarial Consulting
Provides Insurance & Actuarial Fee Based consulting to employers with audited financial statements.
Retiree Healthcare Solutions
Provides Retiree Healthcare Enrollment and Communication consulting to employers with retiree healthcare plans.
G Scott Fontenot LLC
Real Estate Development and Design Firm owned by G. Scott Fontenot and his wife, Eugenie, with properties in Sandestin, Florida, New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana.
G Scott Fontenot Family Trust
Eugenie & Scott Fontenot actively support many worthy local and international charities through a trust account managed by Charles Schwab.