Actuarial Valuations & Auditor Support

FBAC provides full actuarial and audit support for all Governmental and Financial Accounting Standards that require actuarial services.

Actuarial & Employee Benefits Consulting

FBAC provides customized fee based insurance and employee benefits consulting services.

Retiree Healthcare Solutions

Retiree Healthcare Solutions designs, enrolls and communicates retiree healthcare plans for employers who utilize Medicare Advantage and Medicare D Plans.

Fontenot Benefits & Actuarial Consulting was started by a Certified Public Accountant, Actuary, and Insurance Expert to simplify the complicated process of complying with required financial disclosures for employers with audited financial statements. Currently, FBAC LLC is a team of consultants with backgrounds in actuarial valuations for financial disclosure, audit support services for financial disclosure and employee and retiree insurance consulting. The consultancy’s area of expertise includes Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 10, 45/75 and 68 for State, Parish, County and local Cities, School Systems, Sheriff’s and Governmental Agencies.